Typerium ICO Review

Typerium is a complex platform for content creators and merchants, aimed at solving multiple issues in content distribution and monetization. The first problem the platform sets out to solve is the problem of trust. In today’s world of thriving online trade, the reputation of the seller is of paramount importance, as the customer’s choice is mostly based on the availability of favorable reviews of the product or service. To build up a big collection of good reviews takes a lot of time and effort, but all this reputation is valid only on one site, like Amazon or Shutterstock. It’s impossible to transfer your reputation from one service to another, as they are centralized and mutually incompatible. Typerium will offer a secure way to preserve all your reputation by storing it on the blockchain, which is later available for everybody to check.


Another problem of traditional centralized marketplaces is the absence of common security standards, as some platforms fail to collect important information about the buyer, which makes fraudulent schemes possible. The developers cite the Nilson report, according to which $31.67 billion is lost every year because of the credit card fraud. Typerium, in contrast, offers a fast and secure way to transfer funds between parties, and the possibility of fraud is virtually eliminated. The developers point out that traditional bank account transfer requires 16 steps, but with Typerium only one step is required.

Typerium also offers content creators a great way to copyright their works on the blockchain, thus solving the ever-present problem of piracy, which is especially harmful to small and medium content creators. Indeed, as of now, there is no single base of copyrighted content, which makes stealing as easy as pie.


The solutions to all these outlined problems are presented in The Typerium Application, which consists of a content creation software, a creative marketplace, and a social media network. The content creation software is aimed and content creators without prior designing experience. Creative marketplace is a place where creator will distribute their content in exchange for TYPE tokens. The platform pays the creators 85% of the price, which is much more than centralized competitors are ready to offer. Here the merchants will make use of Typerium’s trust system and its streamlined payment gateway. The social media network element is aimed at building a creative community around the project by initiating discussions and commenting on the works of others.

The developers have presented a very impressive list of companies that had business relations with them, with companies such as Sony, BBC, Time Warner, and Unilever. Clients like these really make the company seem reliable and worthwhile. The project also has managed to create a very dedicated community, with many users praising it as the warmest and most welcoming community in the crypto space.

Alexander Haigh, the company’s CEO, has built a company that provided 35000 fonts to almost 14 million users. These people can be very easily motivated to join the Typerium, and this is a huge client base.

The Typerium ecosystem will need a critical mass of users to start functioning properly. If the developers handle this task well, the platform will have brilliant potential.

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