EOS Raises $4 Billion, Becomes Largest Token Sale Ever

A year after its launch, EOS ICO has successfully raised more than $4 billion USD, which makes it the largest token sale to date. EOS has secured more money than Telegram, the Petro, and Dragon Coin by selling over 900 million ERC20 tokens in a year. Now the developers are preparing for the mainnet launch, which is due June 2nd.


Although a handful of experts stated that severe regulations will kill off all ICOs, statistics from CoinSchedule shows a completely different picture. According to the presented data, $8,930,376,614 USD has been raised from new coin projects in the first half of 2018. The results of 2017 are much more modest – only $3,880,018,203 USD of collected funds.

EOS, however, has a few issues to resolve in the coming weeks. A substantial part of investors still needs to make a planned token swap, which is required for the successful launch of EOS blockchain. EOSAuthority states that with only 47% of ERC20 EOS tokens having been exchanged for mainnet EOS tokens.

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