SAP Launches Cloud Blockchain Service Leonardo

SAP has completed the development of its SAP Leonardo Blockchain cloud service and made it available to the general public. The announcement was made during Sapphire customer conference today.


Gil Perez, senior vice president for product and innovation and head of digital customer initiatives at SAP, stated that the platform is already accommodating several projects, most of them, however, in the early stages of development. The platforms itself allows the users to create their own blockchain projects on top of the network, making the developing process faster and more efficient.

SAP stays very open-minded about blockchain technology, investing in different projects like Hyperledger or MultiChain. The company intends to keep this eclectic approach until the market chooses the direction of further development, thus minimizing the risks for its customers.

SAP has joined the growing list of enterprise companies which offer blockchains services to their clients. This list now includes such giants as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon.

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