Intelligent Trading Foundation Releases Trading Bot for Telegram

To profit from cryptocurrency trading investors have to constantly monitor and analyze a torrent of information. They have to be competent in multiple areas and have an understanding of ICOs, airdrops, and forks, among many other things. To make a correct trading decision one requires a certain level of skill and experience. For somebody who is just starting trading cryptocurrencies the task of handling so much information can be overwhelming.


One way to solve the problem is to automate the entire trading process by using trading programs. The experience shows, however, that these programs simply cannot compete with real human traders. So, to maximize profits, decisions should be made by human traders, but these traders should be supplied with necessary information provided by intelligent algorithms. Intelligent Trading Foundation (ITF) aims to just that by releasing two Intelligent Trading Bots for Telegram.

The purpose of these bots is to pick up the most important market signals and filter out the irrelevant ones. The bots use popular technical analysis signals such as: Simple Moving Average (SMA), Relative Strength Index (RSI), and Ichimoku Cloud Breakout for multiple cryptocurrencies. The bots also receive crowd sentiment info from CryptoPanic and automatically alert investors of new market opportunities. The developers plan to add more trading strategies and alerts later this year. In Q4 the bots will get such features as Personal A.I. trading and portfolio management.

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