The world’s first “blockchain university” to be launched by Oxford academics

Wolf University doesn’t have a physical campus. It will be replaced by an app instead, where academics will be connected to possible students. Then the students will be able to choose study modules they are interested in through the platform.
Blockchain will be used to track academic progress and to process contract payments. The creators claim that blockchain university graduates can later apply to get accreditation with traditional universities.

The university will be based around the Oxford and Cambridge University collegiate system and will provide individual tutorials or small lectures. The students are going to use video-chat software to participate in the classes. According to the Woolf’s twitter post, the projects aim is to create “a decentralized, non-profit, democratic society, run by its members, on behalf of its members”. He cited the use of blockchain as the main reason behind lower prices for students and higher salaries for academics.

The only thing that is lacking is the ability socialize with your fellow students. Communication between peers used to be part of education, too. It’s possible that blockchain will make this concept obsolete.

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