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SIM Swapper Arrested with Charges of Stealing Crypto from Phones

01 SIM swapper

The police department with the help of Santa Clara County’s “REACT task force” caught a crypto-thief in California, US. Allegedly, Xzavyer Clemente Narvaez was swapping SIMs from victims’ phones to receive their messages and calls. Narvaez used this technique to transfer money to himself. Authorities are sure that the hijacker stole more than $1 million in virtual currencies and had purchased luxury items and a McLaren sports car that cost $200,000.

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North Korean Hackers Got into Crypto Exchange by Using First macOs Malware

02 North Korea Hackers

Russian digital security company Kaspersky reported that for the first time North Korea hacked into a cryptocurrency exchange using macOs malware named “AppleJeus”. The so-called Lazarus group created a software development company with a fraudulent app and fake security certificates. This infected app was downloaded by the exchange’s employee. The tainted software is aiming to steal cryptocurrency funds, while North Korea continues to execute different hacking attempts in crypto space.

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China is about to Block More than 100 Crypto Exchanges

03 China Blocking

Chinese financial regulators want to cut off up to 124 foreign exchanges with overseas IP addresses from domestic investors. The People’s Bank of China had already initial coin offerings (ICOs) and crypto platforms in 2017 and now the government seeks to monitor any commercial use of cryptocurrency and to block internet access to these trading platforms.

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LG’s New Branding Strategy Focuses on Blockchain and Innovations

04 LG Blockchain

LG CNS, a subsidiary of South Korean electronics giant LG Corporation, has announced a plan to release new brands for seven newly developed technologies — blockchain, AI, IoT, smart city, smart factory, robot service, and smart energy. The conglomerate names these developments a “fourth industrial revolution” and want to create the “efficient digital transformation of customer business”.

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Japan Wants to Create ‘Appropriate Regulation’ for Crypto Industry

05 Japan Regulations

Toshihide Endo, Japan’s commissioner of the Financial Services Agency (FSA), in an interview with Reuters said that the agency wants the cryptocurrency to “grow under appropriate regulation”. FSA is searching a balance between the innovative industry and consumer protection. The commissioner added that they “have no intention to curb [the crypto industry] excessively”.

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Bitcoin Blackmail Scam is Targeting Men

06 Blackmail

The Division of Consumer and Business Education published an article which is aimed to help to avoid blackmail scams. “New scam targeting men,” demanding payments in Bitcoin (BTC) in exchange for keeping quiet about alleged affairs. FTC says that the scam uses all classic instruments of blackmailing and advises to “report it immediately to your local police and the FBI”.

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