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Fortnite Cheats Stealing Bitcoin

01 Fortnite

Cheaters of popular battle royale Fortnite became a target for hackers. A report by Malwarebytes Labs reported that season 6 cheat tools for the game contains malware that can access and steal bitcoin from wallets of players who downloaded the tools from a specific site. According to the report, more than 1200 users are now in danger of a hack.

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Mike Novogratz: Bitcoin Won’t Break $9,000 This Year

02 Novogratz

A former Wall Street manager and CEO of Galaxy Digital Capital Management, Mike Novogratz, has said from the stage of Economist Finance Disrupted conference in New York on Oct. 2, that he doesn’t expect BTC to break the $9,000 barrier in 2018.

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Numerai Launches Crypto-Powered Stock Betting Market

03 Numerai

Hedge fund Numerai has officially opened crypto-based data gathering and stock price prediction marketplace Erasure to the public. The Erasure protocol has been active since June 2017, allowing experts earn or lose funds by staking them on stock market price predictions, and now the company is now looking to attract hedge funds worldwide by allowing anyone to buy a prediction.

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Poloniex Removes Margin and Lending Products for US Customers

04 Poloniex

Crypto exchange platform Poloniex will remove margin and lending products for its customers in the U.S. and delist three digital assets. Poloniex will remove its margin and lending products for U.S.-based customers by the end of this year. This is being done to ensure the exchange complies with regulatory requirements in every jurisdiction. Additionally, the exchange will delist three cryptocurrencies; Synereo (AMP), Expanse (EXP), and Gnosis (GNO) on October 10.

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Chinese Energy Company to Support Spanish 300 MW Crypto Mining Farm

05 Risen

Risen Energy has partnered with a Spanish cryptocurrency mining farm to develop capacity of up to 300 megawatts in Spain. The company “will develop and take on engineering, procurement and construction responsibilities for the projects”. The first phase will see two farms in the province of Seville powered by three PV plants totaling 45MW.

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BlackBerry Creates Blockchain Platform Focused on Healthcare Services

06 BlackBerry

Former phone manufacturer BlackBerry has released a blockchain-powered platform, that focuses on the healthcare field. The company has partnered with technology firm ONEBIO to develop a blockchain-backed secure ecosystem, designed for the storage and sharing of medical data. The data will be anonymized and shared with researchers. BlackBerry has also presented a real-time operating system for the development of robotic surgical instruments and patient monitoring systems.

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