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Experts Predict Big Rise for XLM, ADA, ETH and BTC for 2019

A panel of experts in the field of crypto/blockchain and fintech leaders from around the world predicted that 2019 will be a good year for the crypto sphere. The surveyed experts opined on a set of 11 cryptocurrencies. Among them are eight from the top 10 cryptos by total market cap (except BCH and BSV). Regarding Bitcoin, all analysts were optimistic about the price in the coming months, with the exception of expert Jimmy Song who talks about values close to 2103 USD by the end of February and Fred Schebesta who predicted a price of 2160 USD. Overall in their prediction BTC will rise 80%, XLM 260%, ADA +99% and ETH 55%. DOGE will dump -77% by Dec 31, 2019. TRX -52% this Month.

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SIM Swapper Accused of Stealing $24 Million in Crypto

Michael Terpin — a long-time blockchain and crypto investor — first filed a lawsuit against AT&T last August, accusing the firm of negligence that allegedly allowed the suspect to gain control over Terpin’s phone number and steal almost $24 million worth of crypto. According to Terpin’s declaration, his legal team allege they have identified the primary suspect who initiated the SIM swap — 21-year old New Yorker Nicholas Truglia. The suspect has previously been arrested on a separate SIM swap-related criminal charges involving the alleged theft of $1 million in crypto from Silicon Valley executives in the Bay Area.

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Blockstream Launches Beta Version of Satellite API for Data Broadcast

Blockchain technology company Blockstream is launching the beta version of its Blockstream Satellite API, designed to help developers broadcast data via the company’s satellite network. The move follows the company’s satellite service expansion back in December, when it started broadcasting Bitcoin’s (BTC) blockchain on a global scale. Blockstream’s Bitcoin space initiative reportedly aims to free the cryptocurrency’s network from depending on land-based Internet connection and thus increase its robustness.

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Russia Sees No Reason to ‘Bury’ Cryptocurrencies

Last year’s falling prices are not a good enough reason to “bury” cryptocurrencies, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said during a high-level economic conference. He believes Russia should carefully follow the developments around digital coins. Medvedev thinks the Russian Federation should watch the situation with cryptocurrencies, whose rates “showed extreme volatility” in an extremely bearish 2018. That’s why the Chairman of the Russian Council of Ministers says Russia should simply carefully follow what’s happening with cryptocurrencies.

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BitTorrent’s Tron-Based BTT Token Integration to Launch by Summer

BitTorrent’s system dubbed BitTorrent Speed, which will integrate the Tron-based BTT token into the popular µTorrent Windows client, will launch by summer. BitTorrent Speed will issue cryptocurrency token rewards to users that serve content to others via the µTorrent network. The client’s users — which number more than 100 million, according to BitTorrent — will also be able to pay for faster downloads with the same tokens. The company also announced that to all accounts that are not based in the United States, the token will only be available for purchase on the Binance Launchpad platform.

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Coinstar Machines Now Sell BTC Vouchers

Financial services company Coinme announced that people visiting select Safeway and Albertsons stores in California, Texas, and Washington can now purchase bitcoin core (BTC) through Coinstar kiosks. Coinstar devices are fully automated self-service coin-counting machines and now thousands located in the U.S. market could be equipped to handle cryptocurrency transactions. Coinstar machines housed in Albertsons stores and Safeway marts can be used to buy up to $2,500 worth of BTC. After inserting fiat into the machine, users receive a voucher with a BTC redemption code that can be redeemed at Coinme’s website.

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