Crowd Machine ICO Review

Crowd Machine makes DApp development easy.

Crowd Machine is a complex project with multiple functions. First of all, it aims to create a decentralized cloud by “unifying the world’s surplus device processing power”. Users, of course, will be compensated for their input. So, if you have some spare power and you’d like to try out the platform, you can become a part of a decentralized network and get Crowd Machine Tokens in return. But this just a beginning, because the project has much more to offer.

The decentralized cloud will be equipped with The Crowd Computer – a highly advanced peer-to-peer network of crowd virtual machines that can run on smartphones and computers. Crowd Computer has been technically designed to perform blockchain smart contracts and decentralized applications. Next part of the package is The Crowd Application studio, which allows people with no coding experience at all to design a decentralized app. Then the newly created app goes to The Crowd Share: a library of apps that can be reused again.  So far the idea seems neat. But is the market ready for it?

The project has a particular potential on the enterprise software market, which is expanding with a projected growth rate of 8.5% per year. According to Garner research, the increase in value due to the introduction of blockchain technology will be up to $175billion. A prominent internet resource “ITProPortal” also states that blockchain emergence will have its effect on many areas, like development or consumptions of products and services. All this creates a demand for a tool that will streamline the development of decentralized applications, leaving the startups more to time to concentrate on its business objectives.

Tokens (CMCT) of the system could be used to buy the usage time of “Crowd computer”. Tokens will also be be given as a reward payment for those who willing to contribute computational and storage resources. Developers, in their turn, will be rewarded every time their code is executed through the network.

The team looks promising as it has a lot of skilled developers. The CEO, Craig Sproule, is a notable blockchain speaker with an excellent reputation. Craig’s first company, Metavine, has been in operation successfully for the past 17 years.

In conclusion, we see that the project might have a big potential as it taps into a growing market and significantly simplifies the development process of any decentralized applications, the need for which is ever increasing. The project will undoubtedly have a positive impact, as it’s going to speed up the adoption of blockchain technology. It might even have the chance of revolutionizing the crypto market.

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