France’s Finance Minister Comes Out As Crypto Supporter

Bruno Le Maire, France’s Finance Minister, is the latest addition to the list of prominent figures supporting crypto.

Although cryptocurrencies have proven to be quite volatile, more and more influential people completely change their opinion and announce their faith is crypto as a potentially beneficial enterprise.

Bruno Le Maire, France’s Finance Minister is one these people. While participating in the recent G20 summit in Argentina, he stated that cryptocurrencies are going to be an important part of the global economy. He expressed his support for blockchain and added that the government should provide necessary support to further develop and adopt the technology.

Just recently, Le Maire had been a bit cautious of different risks related to crypto:

“If we want to move on and protect citizens from any kind of speculations or money laundering or terrorism financing, we need rules.”

According to Le Maire, ICO legal framework should be finished soon. It aims to provide the necessary basis to turn France into world’s most attractive place for ICOs. Jean-Pierre Landau, former Bank of France Deputy Governor, has been assigned the task to draft the requested legislation.

Given the successful implementation of the project, France might start playing a leading role in the FinTech industry.

According to reports, most participants of the recent G20 summit tended to view cryptocurrencies as assets, rather than currencies.

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