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Cloud Gaming and AI: Microsoft and Sony Newest Collaboration

Kenichiro Yoshida, President and CEO, Sony Corporation (left), and Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft (Microsoft Photo)

Longtime industry rivals announced they have struck a multiyear partnership that involves plans to “explore joint development of future cloud solutions in Microsoft Azure to support their respective game and content-streaming services.” The potential areas of collaboration between the two companies include running Sony’s streaming gaming services on existing Azure services, working together to integrate Sony’s image-sensing chips with Azure, and bringing Microsoft’s artificial-intelligence technology to Sony consumer devices.

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Amazon Patents Proof-of-Work Cryptographic System

Amazon has been granted a patent for various techniques to build a proof-of-work (PoW) cryptographic system similar to those used by blockchains such as bitcoin. The patent outlines how Merkle trees can be generated as a solution to a proof-of-work challenge, among other benefits. The patent explains: “A proof-of-work system where a first party (e.g., a client computer system) may request access to a computing resource. A second party (e.g., a service provider) may determine a challenge that may be provided to the first party. A valid solution to the challenge may be generated and provided for the request to be fulfilled.”

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Ledger CEO: “The Day Binance Got Hacked, Our Sales Doubled”

The recent Binance hack had repercussions on the entire ecosystem. Not only was there a brief dump in prices but also there was serious interest among crypto users to increase their security as much as possible. Pascal Gauthier, CEO of Ledger explained in a symposium that after this unfortunate news, the sales of the company’s hardware wallets doubled: “…the day Binance got hacked, our sales doubled,” This information was shared by Éric Larchevêque’s successor at the Atomic Swap 2019 conference held in New York.

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World Bank and CommBank Cooperate for ‘World First’ Blockchain Bond Transaction

The World Bank and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia have teamed up to enable recording of secondary market bond trading using blockchain tech. Their successful recording of a secondary transaction for bond-i, a blockchain-operated debt instrument, on a distributed ledger shows the “vast potential” of the technology and marks the first bond to have both issuance and trading recorded on a blockchain platform.

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Facebook Coin Could Drive a ‘Mass Adoption’

A new Binance Research report on the evolution of stablecoins, released on May 15, 2019, underscores the mounting interest of large companies in stablecoins. Allegedly, these companies are already creating stablecoins and other tradable blockchain-based crypto assets instruments. Thus, they are integrating blockchain technology into their digital wallets and payment systems. Stablecoins minted by large companies such as Facebook could significantly disrupt the payment and crypto industry worldwide, the study concludes.

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Bitcoin Now a More Popular Than ‘Donald Trump’ as a Search Term in Google

It’s no secret that public interest in ‘Bitcoin’ and everything related rises as BTC price moves. People are naturally curious about what’s causing the bitcoin price to rise. They also want to know what Bitcoin is and whether now is a good time to hold, buy or sell. Bitcoin’s recent rally over $8K has indeed started seeing more people googling to find out more. Currently, the number of searches is the highest since mid-December 2018. Today term bitcoin is more popular than other big searches such as SpaceX, Tesla, Elon Musk and even Donald Trump. Furthermore, the majority of searches for Donald Trump are confined to the US. While searches for Bitcoin are global with significant activity on all continents.

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