German National Tourism Board to Accept Bitcoin

Tourists now have the opportunity to use cryptocurrency to purchase services provided by The German National Tourism Board. The GNTB offers a range of countries for the tourists to travel to. There are also plans to use blockchain to tighten the control on the Board’s funds.

The list of crypto-friendly travel agencies is growing; such companies as Peach Aviation, Fair Taiwan, and Start Jets International are already on board. In addition, the Brisbane Airport has claimed to become the first airport where you can purchase tickets with cryptocurrencies.

The German National Tourism Board aims to propagate and implement technological innovations.

GNBT’s Chair Petra Hedorfer, GNBT’s Chair, said:

“By accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment and with the possible implementation of the blockchain technology in our finances, we want to position ourselves as an innovation driver in the tourism industry.”

The GNTB has a reputation as a forward-thinking organization which is always looking for better solutions for its users. It also attempts to establish Germany’s reputation as a friendly place for both business and tourists. They expect that the introduction of blockchain technology and friendly crypto policies will increase the number of clients from abroad.

The cryptocurrency market in Germany can’t be considered as properly regulated at the moment. Germany’s Federal Ministry of Finance stated that bitcoin should not be taxed when used as currency. Bafin, on the other hand, urged the public to apply to ICOs traditional financial regulations.

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