Crypto Community Shows Support For Crypto Ads Ban

The highly controversial decision by major media platforms to ban crypto-related ads has been seen as a positive development by some experts, who hope that the new restriction will bring about new, more transparent and fair market.

Talking to Cryptovest, cryptocurrency developer Garen Ovsepyan admitted that he, in fact, supports the ban. He indeed has a stake in the game as his own cryptocurrency Thalr is about to be released later this year. In his interview, he referred to the current period as a “Wild Wild West era of the crypto/ICO community” but added that it’s going to be over soon and new promising and valuable projects will spring up.

Ovsepyan sees the new measures taken by Twitter and others as an important stepping stone in the evolution of cryptocurrencies. He added:

“We are seeing the space move toward a more structured and efficient way of raising capital, and hopefully the participants who choose to invest into ICO’s and crypto, in general, are taking the time to educate themselves with the project(s) they are looking to invest in to”.

He theorized that the changes will serve for the better of the community, as building public trust will become the most challenging and prioritized task in any crypto- enterprise.

In general, experts had quite diverse reactions to the new restrictions. While some agreed that the new steps could lead to improvements, others doubt that the measures will lead to any significant changes at all, calling it “a wasted attempt” against the “tide” of decentralized solutions.

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