International Blockchain Groups Unite to Oppose Crypto Ads Ban

Blockchain associations from Russia, China, and South Korea have formed a new joint organization to oppose the crypto related ads ban by media giants Google, Twitter, and Facebook. The new body views the latest changed in ad policies as market manipulation and is ready to take the case to the court.
The Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (RACIB), the Korea Venture Business Associations, and LCBT, a Chinese crypto company – all of them have joined the Eurasian Association of Blockchain to properly maintain the litigation process.

Yury Pripachkin, president of the RACIB, accused the media giants of “entered into a cartel agreement”.

We believe that if it turns out that the shareholders or managers of these companies own crypto-wallets which they use for personal gain, using the position of their companies, they [should be] subject to prosecution”, he stated.

The lawsuit may take place in Wyoming, due to particularly crypto-friendly laws passed there recently.

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