West Virginia to test blockchain mobile voting app

The US state of West Virginia will introduce a blockchain-based mobile app for voting, although the project is initially limited to out-of-state military personnel.


The optimization potential of blockchain has been getting a lot of coverage, partly due to the phenomenal growth of crypto last year. The inherent advantages of blockchain make it suitable for a wide range of applications, in areas ranging from supply chain management to voting.

The Secretary of State of West Virginia has struck a deal with tech startup Voatz to develop a voting solution for out-of-state military members. West Virginia’s Secretary of State website states that deployed personnel and their families will be able to use the system to vote in the upcoming election, which is due in Spring. The voting app will support both Android and Apple devices.

Secretary of State, Mac Warner, commented:

“Our military service personnel fight every day across the globe to protect our way of life. They deserve to vote as much as anyone, and we owe it to them to make the process as easy as possible”. 

The first testers acknowledge that the app features intuitive interface and offers secure verification process which includes thumbprint scanning.

If the project shows good results, the right to use the voting app will be granted to all 55 counties in the state.

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