FTEC ICO review.

Although cryptocurrencies have certain advantages as a paying method, a lot of people tend to use crypto as a highly profitable trading instrument. That’s why a project aimed at increasing trading efficiency has a good chance of attracting public interest. Faster decision making will be achieved through routine processes automation provided by the platform, which will result in overall trading efficiency increase.


There are many trading services, bots and neural networks around, but there isn’t a place which brings all these instruments together, in a way that is helpful both for a newbie and an experienced trader?

FTEC aims to achieve these goals and claims to be the first cryptocurrency ecosystem. It’s a bold claim, but the developers already have several functioning services to back up their words. One of these services is Coinbot.club, a trading bot which gives you the opportunity to connect to an exchange and then set up and adjust the trading algorithms.

FTEC points out that existing similar solutions do not feature flexible systems of notifications or convenient portfolio monitoring. Additionally, FTEC is going to implement unique services like multi-level partner program and ability to analyze news background.

The trading ecosystem is going to offer 12 modules, which can be hooked to the exchange of your choice to do the trading automatically. The developers claim that the algorithms are bug-free, so no software crashes are expected. Let’s take a look at the most interesting modules:

Adaptive Social Assistant will utilize a neural network to look for information from the crypto world more efficiently and then filter and process the most meaningful content. Then the module will be able to offer trading advice or conduct trading automatically according to its evaluations.

Trader’s Behaviour Analysis will monitor user’s trading performance and offer more profitable strategies. It’s even capable of overall trading behavior evaluation. The Whitepaper gives the following example of possible user evaluation a platform could produce:

 “You are a very nervous trader. In 85% of cases, you get out of trades too early. Try to set your Take-Profit level 2% higher than usual.”

The developers provide detailed explanations of the advantages that having their own token provides, making it much more than just a utility token. According to their previous experience in trading software development, the main inconvenience in trading automation was order book limitation on exchanges. System’s own token allows to form a certain queue of users because of uneven distribution of tokens between holders, so any user can influence the position he has in the queue by changing the number of tokens he has. The user will be able to track his position in the rating by using the tool in user’s account. The place in a queue will be determined by the number of tokens on user’s balance within the system. Also, the amount of issued tokens is constant, so the developers claim to solve a “fundamental problem” while also designing a “fair” way to form trading queues. The tokens also will be used as a payment method within the platform.

The project’s team consists of highly qualified employees capable of taking the project to the new level. Their social networks profiles are available and all list relevant work experience.

The project receives high ratings and favorable reviews on most major ICO-related websites. It seems that the project offers a highly useful set of tools to a growing market of crypto traders, which grants it a lot of potential.

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