Blockchain Is Free Of Porn, Despite Intentional Rumors

Cryptocurrency holders and general members of blockchain community may have been worried by the recent story implicating Bitcoin in containing links to illicit material. There were worries that by using blockchain a person could be unknowingly breaking the law.  These accusations, of course, have surfaced before, along with equally baseless attempts to link blockchain with terrorism.
The most recent reports originate from research done at Aachen University, Germany. It boldly claims that simple use of cryptocurrency can be considered a crime.

“Our analysis shows that certain content, e.g., illegal pornography, can render the mere possession of a blockchain illegal.”

The story could be urgently important if it were true. Yet it is fake, intentionally distributed to shift the public mood against the bitcoin.  Apart from being factually wrong, the statement made by the researchers is highly questionable from the technical point of view. Blockchain expert Nic Carter explained the issue:

“Any journalist writing about arbitrary content injection into the Bitcoin blockchain should be extremely careful to detail to what extent that content exists, is extractable, viewable, etc.”

Moreover, if there were porn links on the blockchain, they wouldn’t be extractable for the non-developers. And even if someone succeeded in extracting these presumed links, no legal action would be possible, according to present laws.

In conclusion, it highly likely that these allegations are an intentional attempt to make the technology less popular among the general public.

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