Ethereum Is Slowly Beginning to Close the Gap On Bitcoin

The cryptocurrency markets are very unstable right now. In a period like this, it’s easy to lose sight of subtle but important trends. If we watch closely, we may see how Ethereum may be slowly taking the lead in the race. Of course, such course of events is only possible if the current market trends remain unchanged for some substantial period of time, which is impossible to be sure of.


Ethereum enthusiasts have been rather disappointed with their coin’s performance this year, as the Ethereum price right now comprises only 30% of the peak value we witnessed last year. Needless to say, those hoping to make quick money were disillusioned. Cryptocurrencies attract plenty of short-term profits seekers but few of them succeed.

The situation is not so grim if we look at the Ethereum price as a whole. Although still down by 0.46% in the past 24 hours, there is a 3.59% gain over Bitcoin in that same time frame, which could lead to some unexpected developments. If the growth goes on, Ethereum might get back to $400 by the end of the week. It’s hard to be sure, but it seems that there’s a cause for optimism, as the Ethereum trading volume is also on the increase.

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