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Here we’ll tell you about the most interesting Bounty campaigns where we recommend to take part in.


COTI is a payments transaction network supported by a native digital currency. Setting the standard for how payments should work in the digital currency era.

COTI token sale will start on 30th of April.

COTI project is going to raise 60,000,000 USD.

COTI’s bounty tasks cover six categories, including: articles, Bitcoin signatures, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube posts. Bounty participants will receive ‘stakes’ for their work. Once the bounty campaign is over, the total amount of stakes will be surveyed and converted into C.O.T.I. tokens. As more submissions are received, fewer tokens will be awarded for each subsequent contribution.

Articles – 25 % or $58.13k worth of C.O.T.I token

Articles and press releases featured on authority sites are extremely effective for promoting token sales. Bounty participants are encouraged to author articles on Medium, Steemit, Reddit, personal blogs and leading sites, such as Cointelegraph, Coindesk, TechCrunch and Inc. Based on factors including shares, views, upvotes and the authority of the site, stakes will be awarded as follows:

Low impact: 100 article stakes

Moderate impact: 300 article stakes

High impact: 900 article stakes

Facebook – 20 % or $46.5k worth of C.O.T.I tokens

With over 2 billion active monthly users, Facebook is the world’s leading social network. Bounty hunters will receive 50 Facebook stakes every time they share and like one of COTI’s posts. To be eligible for the reward, bounty hunters need to have liked COTI’s Facebook Page.

Twitter – 15 % or $34.87k worth of C.O.T.I tokens

Contributors are rewarded for every Retweet they make and receive stakes according to the number of followers they have. To be eligible for the reward, bounty hunters need to follow our official Twitter account.

If you got +2500 followers you ll get 400 twitter_stakes per week.

You also can get extra stakes upvoting COTI videos on Youtube.


Eligma is AI-driven and blockchain-based cognitive commerce platform.

Eligma token sale will take place since 17 Apr till 8 May. The price of the token (ELI) is 0.1 USD.

Eligma is going to raise 24,000,000 USD and 5,667,549 USD is already raised on pre-sale.

Now Eligma Bitcointalk signatures campaign is taking place.

By making posts on Bitcointalk wearing Eligma signature or avatar you’ll be able to earn extra stakes. To take part in the campaign one should follow the requirements:

– Must make 25 posts per week

-Posts must be constructive and on topic and must consist of 75 characters minimum

-User should post at least 25 posts per week

– Only 1 bitcointalk account per person is possible

PS Stakes = shares in total bounty pool which depends on your contribution and activity. Sо stakes/coin rate is a dynamic value

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