Bitcoin Cash Is Being Gradually Adopted By Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram

For the last couple of months, the BCH community has been testing two micro-tipping bots that allow BCH transfer on Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram.


Adoption is one of the main priorities of bitcoin cash community, so a lot of members are busy developing tools to make BCH payments easy and convenient. There already was a project that allowed BCH transfer over SMS, but now new options are available. A new bot called Tippr makes BCH payments possible for Reddit and Twitter users.

Since its launch, the tipping bot has been used to send thousands in BCH on both Twitter and Reddit. It currently has 11,810 users who have sent nearly 30, 000 of tips on Reddit alone, with the estimated value of  60 BCH. The most generous tippers sent as much as several thousand dollars worth of tips. Some prominent users benefited from such innovations, for example, Amaury Séchet, the lead developer of Bitcoin ABC, as he has been given $2,300 worth of BCH.

Telegram, one of the most popular instant messengers, has long been known as a place of choice for various crypto communities. The app ‘Tip me BCH’ gives the users an opportunity to send and receive bitcoin cash tips. Andreas Brekken, the bot’s developer, states that it can transfer “dollars worth of BCH”. He cautioned that the project is “highly experimental and may lead to loss of funds.”

Both projects – “Tip me BCH” and Tippr have been warmly received by the public.

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