DreamTeam ICO Review.

Dreamteam is an eSports recruiting and team managing platform which aims to connect players, teams, and coaches in one place and using blockchain and smart contracts to create its own ecosystem and secure financial transactions. According to the developers, the project offers solutions to a range of problems that are facing the rapidly expanding eSports community. But how big is it, exactly?


Although eSports is a very young industry, there are multiple competitions which take place all over the world demonstrate the growing interest in the area. The figures speak for themselves: total turnover of the industry in 2016 was $493 mln. In 2017 41.3% growth is expected, and by 2020, according to Newzoo research, the industry will be worth U$1.5 bln. Peter Warman, CEO of Newzoo, believes that eSports are very attractive and profitable area for big media brands, so more companies are going to get involved and that will provide the project with an additional push. While eSports fan base does indeed grows, the experts note that the gamers have much smaller funds available, compared to fans of other kinds of sport, like basketball or football. Other research, however, suggests that most active players are middle-aged men with a stable income.

Now, what makes the project stand out from the others? The developers claim that it’s a world’s first all-in-one solution for eSport enthusiasts to meet, train, form teams and interact with each other. According to developers, players who want to form a team are faced with many tiresome and unnecessary challenges, such as opening a bank account, hiring a lawyer, drafting contracts, using multiple services for staff recruiting and management. It can be quite costly, too. The approximate time required to go through all these steps is about 2 months, which partly explains that eSport teams are not that numerous yet. DreamTeam platform allows to simply skip the tedious process, as registration is instant. The users will be required to pay a small monthly fee.

According to the developers, the blockchain is an indispensable part of the project. It will make possible financial transactions between players, teams, tournament organizers and sponsors, uniting everybody in one ecosystem. The players will be able to find a personal psychotherapist or a coach, all within the system. The Big Data analytics module will provide players with valuable insights concerning their gaming strategy and will help to choose the best team members. All services and products on the DreamTeam platform will be paid for in DTT tokens, which is a utility token. The growth in value is expected to happen due to increasing number of people joining the platform.

Right now the team consists of 30 people, but there is a plan to increase the staff to 130 people by the end of the year. The project leader is Alexander Kokhanovsky, a man with decades of experience in eSports industry. Andriy Khavryuchenko is the blockchain architect of a company, a man with 26 years of coding experience. In general, the team features both blockchain and eSports experts, which is a clear advantage for the company. All other team members have verifiable LinkedIn accounts. The project has a beta version running and the first round of ICO is successfully completed, with $6 000 000 raised.

Summing up, The Dream Team clearly outperforms its non-blockchain based competitors but faces competition from several similar blockchain enterprises like Eloplay. Still, if the developers make good on all their promises the project may have a good chance of success, as the project already struck partnerships with major eSports companies and starts to gain recognition.

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