Verge (XVG) Is Booming

It took XVG just a couple of days to grow 100%, which is similar the coin’s impressive performance in January.  


Things are looking up for Verge (XVG), as it has managed to increase its value by more than 29% in one day, while other coins were either going down or remained still. The current situation came as a surprise for some experts, many of whom tended to view the coin as lacking potential, especially after the dip in prices in February. Right now the most of the XVG trade is happening on Binance, where the coin’s growth is quite modest, but Asian markets are pushing the coin’s value up almost daily.

It looks like XVG is making attempts to gain wider recognition, despite the mining attacks that failed to influence the price of the asset. The negative trend seems to be over for the coin and the investors are getting more confident in the company. The developers demonstrated their competence by quickly dealing with a potential security threat, releasing an update in time to protect the users.

Of course, there are no guarantees that the surge in XVG price will go on. The trading volumes of December still have not been matched even closely.

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