The most successful ICO projects

The history of ICO began in 2013 and since then a lot of successful ICOs have taken place.

The first Mastercoin ICO was held in July 2013. The idea of the project was to extend blockchain protocol. It proved to be extremely successful and raised a total of about 5000 bitcoins worth about US$500,000 at the time.

Then in 2014 Ethereum ICO took place. Ethereum team successfully raised $18 million in 42 days and Ethereum token has become the world’s second-most valuable cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. The price of Ethereum tokens at the start of ICO was around $0.30 but since then it has increased up to more then 400 $.

From 2015 till nowadays the number of ICOs has been growing at an exponential rate and a lot of successful projects have taken place.

For example in 2015 ICO organized by NEO project formerly known as Antshares raised more than 8000 BTC. In 2016 Stratis ICO amassed a total of 915 Bitcoin, worth approximately $675,000.

Aragon proved to be one of the most impressive ICOs of 2017 during the first fifteen minutes after the start, the project collected 25 million dollars;

Brave project which also took place in 2017 beat this record  – its ICO attracted 35 million dollars  just in 30 seconds.

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