How to Take Part in ICO?

The first step which you should take to join ICO is to make a research on upcoming ICOs and to pick the right one to invest. It’s important to know which ICOs are coming to be able to plan ahead. Some popular ICO asks the potential investors to register in advance. There are several websites which one can use to be informed about upcoming ICOs such as ICO Watchlist and Bitcoin Talk.

The second step is to open a fiat-accepting cryptocurrency exchange account and to convert fiat currency into the cryptocurrency which is accepted by ICO organizers. (Some ICOs work with fiat currency as well)

The third step is to open your own wallet. You’ll need it to send the money to the organizers of ICO and to get ICO tokens in exchange. For example, to participate in Fast Invest ICO, you need to set up an Ethereum ERC20 compatible wallet where you and only you hold its private keys.

Then when you are ready to buy the tokens you should follow the guide which is given by the certain ICO which you chose.

Your further steps will depend on your strategy. You can either hold the ICO tokens for the medium to long-term, until your price target is hit (e.g. 2x, 3x, 10x of capital) or as an option you can just sell them once it reaches an exchange that usually lists by ICO organizers.

There are quite a few exchanges  where it is possible to trade  ICO coins such as Ether Delta, and Bittrex.

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