Bounty News

Here we’ll tell you about the most interesting Bounty campaigns where we recommend to take part in.

Open Platform

Open Platform project is going to create the first blockchain payments infrastructure for applications.

Open Platform ICO campaign is taking place now.(the period isn’t limited yet) The price of the token (OPEN) is 0.08 USD.

Open Platform is going to raise 30,000,000 USD.

3% of the raised funds will be allocated to the Bounty Pool.

Taking part in Open Platform Bounty campaign you’ll get extra stakes for translation, moderation, content creation and promotion in social nets.

The following campaign activities and distributions will take place:

– Signature & Posts on BitcoinTalk: 2.4m OPEN (40%)

– Contests: 900K OPEN (15%)

– Content Campaign: 1.02m OPEN (17%)

– Translation Campaign: 180k OPEN (3%)

– Slack/Telegram/Twitter Campaign: 1.5m OPEN (25%)

Taking part in content posts weekly campaign will bring you extra stakes for creating posts on, Medium, Facebook, Steemit, Reddit, etc.

For a well written blog or post or article  you ll get 100 stakes/week

For a decent blog post or article: 50 stakes/week

A mediocre blog post or article will bring you  10 stakes/week

Translation campaign is especially interesting – for example a successful translation of

The Whitepaper can bring you 2500 stakes. For Website translation you’ll get 1500 extra stakes and for ANN thread translation – 1000 stakes.

Open Plarform team also curated a unique Bounty contest that will allow participants to win guaranteed prizes, including 20k tokens!

PS Stakes = shares in total bounty pool which depends on your contribution and activity. Sо stakes/coin rate is a dynamic value


Merculet is created to lead the transformation of turning the information-based internet into the value-based internet.

Merculet token sale takes place since 25 Apr till 30 Apr. The price of the token (MVP)

Will be 0.0055 USD

Merculet campaign is going to raise 14,200,000 USD (37,000 ETH)

20,000,000 Merculet tokens is allocated to the Bounty program

The tokens will be distributed into 5 campaigns: BitcoinTalk, Content, Reddit, Telegram campaign and Social Media campaign.

Merculet will offer 12,000 extra stakes to the best quality contributors each week from Bitcointalk, Blog, Youtube, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram campaigns.

Reddit campaign is quite interesting – upvoting at least 5 Merculet posts/comments each week you ll get 1500 stakes per week.

Making posts/comments about Merculet in the relevant subreddits for the ICO will bring you 1000 Stakes per post/comment.

Taking part in Merculet Bounty program one also can get 10,000 extra tokens for translating and 5,000 tokens for proofreading.

PS  1 stake = 1 Merculet Token

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