Crypto Spring Might Be On the Way

Is the bearish period almost over for crypto? The positive outlook on the market is gaining traction.


Several experts have already announced their belief in the market reversal and Twitter crypto community seems to grow more confident and optimistic. While bitcoin remained still,  ethereum and NEO have been rising, and EOS is literally booming, showing 27% growth in the last 24 hours. Despite these positive signals, some experts remain quite careful in their predictions.  User @CryptoHustle cautioned against premature euphoria in his tweet:

“The markets will bounce when everybody stops celebrating every single green candle and random shitcoin spike.”

However, there are more good news for crypto. False information can cause confusion, so Bitfinex is doing its best to clear up the possible misunderstanding. The digital exchange has denied any connections to alleged money laundering schemes established in South America, denouncing the rumors as completely unsubstantiated. The accusations came from Polish media, which reported that the exchange might have a connection with Colombian cartels.

Another positive development for crypto is the integration of litecoin into Tenx wallet. The company  plans to issue litecoin debit card in the near future, filling up the space left by now defunct litecoin payment processor Litepay.

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