BTC Is Approaching $8k Mark, Further Growth Is Expected

Bitcoin has a good chance of rising in value today, as the crypto asset already climbed to $8k yesterday, although for a short period of time. 


Bitcoin is currently trading at $7937.48 and a lot of investors are quite optimistic about the situation. Olga Feldmeier, CEO of Smart Valor, told about the possible reasons behind the rising market trend:

 “I personally think that this rise was due to a large institutional investor. Apart from J. Soros there are a lot of institutions, hedge funds and big investors waiting for the right time to step in.”

She pointed out that the rise in prices was caused by trading operations on just one exchange, which indicates a major institutional investor involvement. Other exchanges joined the trend a bit later.

“I think this incident could become the ignition for the next bull phase, for which a lot of investors were waiting for a long time and will be happy to support now. I believe that we will see a comeback to the height achieved at the end of 2017, this year.

Olga stated that she still believes in Bitcoin rising to $100,000 in the next two years.

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