Bitcoin Private Enters Top 40 Cryptos

Bitcoin Private (BTCP), one of numerous Bitcoin forks, demonstrated staggering growth on April 12th. The recently launched crypto now takes 31st place according to its market capitalization. The digital asset spiked 110% in the last 24 hours, which is the second best result on the market in a given time span. The current price of BTCP is $31.30.


If the growth continues, Bitcoin Private can catch up with Bitcoin Gold, which now occupies the 28th place by market cap. The main feature of BTCP is its use of Equihash hashing algorithm. The currency utilizes zk-snarks privacy technology, just like ZClassic (ZCL). This allows the sender and the recipient to remain untraceable, which developers see as a significant privacy improvement.

Since the currency’s launch, a number of exchanges listed the coin, including Octaex, Nanex, Exrates, and Trade Satoshi. HitBTC and Binance stated their intent to add BTCP in the future.

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