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Here we’ll tell you about the most interesting Bounty campaigns where we recommend to take part in.


BitRewards is a blockchain-based project which allows merchants to get a premium AI-powered rewards platform for free. Shoppers are rewarded for purchases with cryptocurrency.

BitRewards token sale takes place since 12 Apr till 9 May.

BitRewards project is going to raise 15000000 USD.

The cryptocurrency of BitRewards is BitToken.

1.5% of the total token supply goes to the bounty campaign – its 15,000,000 Bit tokens or up to $175,000.

10% of the bounty pool is allocated to the Translation campaign – a reward for translating the original posts and presentation of BitRewards in the national threads of Bitcointalk.

Additional stakes are available for translating BitRewards Whitepaper – quality translation can add up to 150 stakes. These stakes does not count as reward for Bitcointalk activity, thus participants who translated both ANN and Whitepaper can receive up to 450 stakes.

33% of the bounty pool  goes to the Creative campaign: Rewards for copywriting (articles, blog posts, comments), videos, infographics and creation of other types of content. Core languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

All written materials must be above 2,000 characters while videos must be longer than 2.5 minutes.

17% of the bounty pool is allocated to the Signature campaign.

In order to participate, each member should go through registration. In order to be eligible for participation, one must have at least ‘Member’ rank:

Hero/Legendary: 2.5 stakes per week

Senior Member: 2 stakes per week

Full Member : 1.5 stakes per week

Member: 1 stake per week

30% of the bounty pool goes to the Twitter campaign — a reward for sharing BitRewards tweets. To take part in this campaign one should have a minimum of 300 followers.

The rest part of Bounty pool is allocated to Additional fund for those who have any ideas or can do something outstanding to promote BitRewards.

Blue Whale

Blue Whale project creates decentralized ecosystem for self-employed which will  act as a decentralized advertising network between freelancers and customers.

Blue Whale token sale will take place since 1 May till  31 May. The price of the token (BWX) is 0.0010 USD.

Fundrising goal of the project is 42,000,000 USD. 16,800,960 USD has been already raised on pre-sale.

27,000,000 BWX is allocated to the bounty pool.

All submissions to the Bounty campaign are welcome until 15th May 2018, 10:00am UTC.

There are two ways one can participate in Blue Whale Bounty campaign:

– Articles/ blog reviews

Bounty Campaign managers will manually review all submitted articles and blog reviews. Up to 20 high-quality articles will be shortlisted for community voting to determine which is the best. Key areas that are looked out for when shortlisting articles/blogs are originality, accuracy, reach and depth of analysis.

The prize structure is designed to give huge rewards to the best written articles/blog reviews:

Top 3 articles/blog reviews will receive 1,500,000 BWX, 1,300,000 BWX and 1,000,000 BWX, respectively.

Top 20 Articles/blog reviews shortlisted for voting will each receive between 180,000 to 500,00 BWX, depending on ranking.

Other high-qualifying articles/blog reviews outside of top 20, deemed to be original and accurate, will receive up to 50,000 BWX.

– Video reviews

Blue Whale team will shortlist the best video reviews of the project for community voting to determine which is the best.

The prize structure for videos is in the table below:

Top 3 videos will receive 2,250,000 BWX, 1,950,000 BWX and 1,500,000 BWX, respectively.

• Top 10 videos shortlisted for voting will each receive between 570,000 to 750,000 BWX, depending on ranking.

Other high-qualifying videos outside of top 10, deemed to be original and accurate, will receive up to 75,000 BWX.

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