BGX ICO Review

BGX is a blockchain-based platform for development and distribution of mobile games. The targeted market is of truly enormous size, as there about 2 billion players in the world. According to the data presented by the company, mobile games is the most rapidly growing and the most popular kind of apps, accounting for whopping 80% of all mobile downloads. The entire size of the industry is projected to reach $60 billion by 2020. Now, what does BGX has to offer to potentially conquer this gigantic market?


One of the main intended purposes for the platform is to serve as a gaming distribution platform for mobile devices. Although the market is dominated by Google Play and Apple Store, which are centralized platforms, BGX team point to a number of serious flaws in their policies towards developers. In particular, the 30% revenue share Google and Apple collect is often too high, especially for small-scale developing companies. That’s why a lot of projects distributed through these platforms become abandoned with time due to their financial unsustainability. BGX, in contrast, plans to leave the developers 90% of the revenue.

Furthermore, BGX offers developers ready-made solutions for their mobile games, so the projects can be developed more quickly and monetized more easily. Now the game creators can spend more time on actually creative work, instead of developing game modules which are already present in many other releases. The platform will also enable the game apps which are based on the platform to process transactions both in fiat and in crypto.

The project targets the players too. It provides them with an individual wallet and an opportunity to enter tournaments and earn money by just playing a game. The system is specially designed to be cheating-resistant, as dedicated AI will monitor all tournaments for possible fraudulent behavior.

The system will be powered by BGX token, which will be used to pay for services within the platform. To get a node status, users will have to buy a certain amount of tokens. The company plans re-distribute 60% of its revenue to the BGX token holders, according to the number of tokens they hold. This makes investing in the token a really appealing option for investors.

The team of the project consists of 3 co-founders, seven managers, and 7 advisers. The leader of the team is Valeriy Khvatov, a CEO of DigitalXpert with a lot of experience in software developments. Other team members, unfortunately, lack impressive references or achievements, which makes the weakest point in the otherwise interesting projects.

Although the project is in very early stages, no MVP is available and no GitHub account was detected. The BGX community, although far from being numerous, is very active and involved in the project’s ongoing issues, which can be easily proved by watching their twitter activity (each tweet gets 100+ likes and retweets)

In conclusion, the project offers a really unique idea without direct competitors, as of now. Combining blockchain distribution platform, game developing kit and an AI has never been suggested before. If the company manages to produce an MVP soon, a lot of gamers and developers might become interested, as the project is clearly beneficial for all parties.

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