Casper ICO Review

As the society progresses, it starts to produce exponentially more information, which becomes one of the main commodities in the new digital age. The abundance of information led to the construction of huge data storages and introduction of cloud services, which became the default choice of many users and companies. However, new technologic advancement such as blockchain present new challenges to the data storage industry.


Decentralized apps (or Dapps) utilize blockchain to provide serious improvements in various areas, ranging from mobile games to healthcare and insurance industry. Right now the market of Dapps is booming, with new projects being announced every day. The developers, however, are faced with the typical and tiresome issues which divert their time and resources from more global and creative tasks. One of such issues is the problem of data storage because traditional cloud services are often too expensive for small-scale companies trying to enter the market. Additionally, cloud services do not provide the necessary level of security required to run a blockchain application, as the data storage is centralized and can be modified by the hosting company. Casper API aims to provide a solution to these problems and give an additional boost to the Dapp industry.

The users of the system will be given the ability to lease out the free space they have. When someone needs data storage, a decentralized application Casper API requests a smart contract for data placement. A smart contract provides the user with a server address that is willing to host the data. Moreover, the uploaded data is backed up on three different servers and can be encrypted if the user wants to. The servers are accessed directly (P2P), which decreases the cost of storage and improves the transfer rate of data.

The company claims that the competing services fail to offer the same unique range of features, such as compatibility with Daps, multiple blockchain support, vendor rating plan, CDN hosting support, and the ability to store folders and files.

CST is the name of the platform’s token, which will be used for payments within the system for all participating blockchain-platforms. After the ICO completion, the token owners will be able to sell their tokens on exchanges. Private providers will be able to profit from leasing their space by earning CST tokens. The tokens also can be leased to various service providers, thus bringing even more profit.

The project’s team is quite strong. The company’s founder is Artem Koltsov, Head of Expert Council on digital economy and blockchain technologies under the Russian Federation State Parliament Committee. The CEO of the company is Vitaliy Cheremensky, Member of Expert Council on digital economy and blockchain technologies under the Russian Federation State Parliament Committee. Other members have extensive experience in software development and marketing and display impressive credentials.

Casper has successfully completed its Pre-ICO stage, quickly reaching the hardcap, which indicates strong interest in the project from the crypto community. The projects scores very high on many ICO listing sites, including ICObench, which gives Casper 4.9/5. The prevailing expert opinion is that the project offers real value and the team is competent enough to make good on its promises, especially as the MVP of the product is already available.

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