Verge Dips and Rebounds after Controversial Partnership Announcement

The partnership between Pornhub and cryptocurrency Verge has been a hot topic in the crypto community lately. Surprisingly, after the company officially presented the news the coin immediately fell in price. It turns out the investors weren’t very impressed, as the previous press releases by Verge advertised a deal with “global organization” with massive network around the world. Nobody expected Pornhub to be the new partner, so the price went down.


The reduction in price proved to be a very short-lived, as the coin quickly regained its positions, mostly due to growing interest from the crypto community.  The users were eager to discuss the new deal.

Charlie Lee, the creator of LTC, stated that Verge is not “real” crypto, suggesting that Pornhub should partner with BTC, LTC, and XMR coins instead. Lee also criticized the way Verge acquired the partnership with the adult entertainment site, calling it “bribing a merchant”.

Despite all the controversy, the move by Verge is now estimated as a positive one, as the coin regained its market positions and managed to sparke a lot of discussions on further crypto adoption.

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