Bitcoin Cash Is Booming, Fans Expect Further Growth

The cryptocurrency markets are now enjoying a period of growth, but some coins are gaining in value faster than others. While BTC failed to cross $9000 mark, Bitcoin Cash has demonstrated an impressive 20% growth over the weekend, reaching $1395.73 at the time of writing. Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts believe that the coin is going to take the lead this year. Let’s take a closer look at their reasoning.


The proponents of Bitcoin Cash claim that the coin is being developed according to the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, the original inventor of Bitcoin. BCH chain is designed to handle huge number of transactions while charging very low fees, which is crucial for a truly global digital currency, which was envisioned in Satoshi’s whitepaper. The BCH fans see their coin of choice as technologically superior to other cryptos, as new features are being constantly rolled out and implemented. The next network upgrade is planned on May 15. It will allow more on-chain activity and provide a clear distinction between “spam” and genuine transactions.

Another commony cited advantage of BCH is the developers’ priority to keep the transfer fees at the minimum. While Bitcoin Core charged $0.20 cents per transaction on April 20, the BCH fee was $0.0028.

Finally, Bitcoin Cash boasts strong and dedicated community. The project managed to unite thousands of enthusiast all over the world, many of whom actively participate in the further development and promotion of the coin.

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