Arcona ICO Review

Pilgrim XXI, an augmented reality app, was released in 2014 with the ultimate goal of revolutionizing the tourist industry. The product is essentially an open source ecosystem, where everybody can design 3D landscapes and share them with the community, creating a network of outdoor AR parks. The technology allows the users to re-create historical events with amazing realism, offering nothing short of a digital substitute to time traveling.

The developer team secured the partnerships with such giants as by Microsoft, Intel, Google, and The list is quite impressive and lends a lot of credibility to the project. The next for the company is the integration of blockchain into its product and further digital presence expansion.


The main asset of Acrona is Digital Land, which is created by the users and then can be leased to anybody interested. The idea behind the project is to make AR a vital part of every physical business. As the advertisement space in physical reality is limited and often already occupied, the introduction of an AR layer provides the business owners with truly unlimited advertisement opportunities.

One of the main reasons that AR hasn’t spread to every sphere of life by now is lack of a single universal tool for interacting with Augmented Reality. Arcona claims to provide just that, giving the contributors the opportunity to add, edit and trade Digital Lands. In contrast with indoor AR, creating a large outdoor scene takes a lot of time and efforts. Now the creators will be justly awarded for their work, and more virtual locations are expected appear.

The AR world is currently highly fragmented – there are more than ten AR systems, each using a unique device such as an iPhone, or specific VR glasses. Arcona strives to bridge the gap between these systems by offering to create a cross-platform experience accessible from any device.

Pilgrim XXI utilizes blockchain technology to identify the users, record land ownership and conduct token transfers. This ERC-20 based native utility token will be used for establishing smart contracts between developers, clients, brokers and consumers within the ecosystem. It will also be the used to purchase or sell Digital Lands or other digital assets within the platform.

Arcona is being developed by a strong team with extensive experience in Augmented Reality projects and marketing. Ilia Korguzalov, CEO & Founder, has nine years of experience in the laboratory of the Peter the Great Museum in Saint Petersburg, restoring arts and an additional 15 years experience in business

Arcona aims to make AR an indispensable part of modern human life, both for business and entertainment purposes. The product is truly futuristic and pioneering, the question is whether it will be able to attract the sufficient number of people to create an extensive library of Digital Lands. Additional issues such as copyrighted spatial locations or government intervention may arise, slowing down the ecosystem creation process. The involvement of major tech giants is reassuring, though. The potential of the platform to provide new educational, entertainment and advertising opportunities is a force to be reckoned with.

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