How To Choose The Best ICO Team

There are several questions which you should ask yourself when looking for the best members for your ICO team.

There is a great difference between one’s achievements in general – for example job experience which one got from Goldman Sachs or Big4 and the certain knowledge and skills which one should have to take part in your particular project.

Checking the names of potential team members in social nets is not enough. To make a decision about inviting one to your ICO team you should check the following points:

1.  The management of the team should be able to implement the solution

Every team needs proper leaders. That’s why researching top managers for your ICO team requires extra attention. It’s very important to know whether they got any kind of leadership experience before.

If they tried their own businesses before it makes sense to find out why those businesses failed. Such red flags like clear management failure, unaccountability, or even suspicion of fraud show that you’d better not make deal with such a person.

All other team members except top managers can be replaced while wrong choice about the leader could bring real harm to your project.

2. Their previous experience should help your managers to perform the current role

You should take into consideration that as a rule at the start  of your ICO project the team is rather small and the roles of the managers are much wider than its expected. It’s important to be absolutely sure that each member is experienced enough to cover all the project’s needs on his side.

The mail thing which you should be interested in while researching managers for your ICO is their  natural ability to create or build new products. It shouldn’t be their first experience of this kind. The most valuable candidates are leaders who run their own businesses before or marketing experts with impressive portfolio.

3. Members of your ICO team should be qualified enough to implement this particular solution and to deliver it to market

If the candidate previously worked in the domain it’s a great advantage which can be really helpful for your project.

Of course it’s not like all the members of the team should have this particularly knowledge but the leaders should have it anyway. Experts who worked closely with customers for whom they’re building the product and whose attention they need to attract are playing a key role in the development of a successful final product.

If one tries to enter the market without any experience it provokes a great risk and can lead to failure.

4. Which professionals does your team really need?

– Each ICO project needs developers and engineers. Ideally there should be two or more- as a rule one technical person is not enough.

– Successful marketing expert who will be able to promote the project effectively and to attract the investors

– Designers who will be able to create attractive product for the customers and web-designers as well –  to make the site of your ICO look really attractive.

–  Active community manager that is keen to bring the customers and investors closer to the product and try to influence the process towards these two desires

– IT persons and probably blockchain specialists.

Here we discussed the main aspects and principals of building up the right team for ICO. But of course each project is unique and it requires its own unique team. So it’s only you who can decide which managers will make your ICO campaign really successful.

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