Creator.AI ICO Review

Social media has revolutionized our lives, turning our attention away from newspapers and TV channels to places like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Youtubers are becoming more influential than any TV talk show hosts or traditional journalists. These big changes in the media landscape trigger further change in the marketing strategies, as more and more companies choose to work with influencers to promote their products, bypassing the traditional ineffective media.


However, most social platforms, except Youtube, do not offer any monetization programs to their content creators. The situation is complicated for the customers, too, as they often have to deal with unnecessary middlemen companies, losing time and part of the revenue in the process. That’s why the project aims to get rid of all third parties, directly connecting the customer with the content creator and utilizing sophisticated AI in the process to ensure better results. To achieve these goals the project will use blockchain technology, which is widely implemented for creating decentralized p2p ecosystems.

The blockchain project will be based on the already functioning platform, which harnesses machine learning to look for the ideally suited influencer. Then the system provides detailed analytics of the advertisement campaign. The developing company has a spectacular list of partners – Facebook, Instagram, and Forbes, to name a few. Disney and Walmart are using the platform too, along with Coke. However, the existing project is expected to benefit greatly from blockchain introduction, as the users will be offered more flexible and secure campaign creation tools, streamlined payments contracts and instant content delivery. The increased efficiency of the campaigns will allow Micro or medium-influencers to start earning too, and major influences will further increase their social reach.

The indented workflow and the functionality of each module within the system are illustrated in the chart below:


Despite the fierce competiton in the area of influencer maketing platforms, no other products offer comaprable number of features:


CR8 token will function as a typical utility token within the system. It will be used as a payment method for services available on the platform. is a subsidiary of, which is believed to be the leading influencer marketing platform. The three founders of have been working together since 2008 and all display impressive credentials. Co-founder Krishna Subramanian served as VP of marketing at Yahoo and was on the board of directors for the Mobile Marketing Association. In other words, the team consists of successful businessmen who already have a functioning and leading product in the industry. The advisers are extremely impressive. Distributed Network Advisors, Galaxy, and WAX are three of the biggest players in the game.

In conclusion, the project seems very strong and ambitious. The MVP is already launched, and the platform is expected to be fully functional in Q2, which is very soon. Stellar team and world-class partnerships all add to the credibility of the project. The competition in the area is expected to be fierce, however, there still no comparable competitors.

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