Case Against Is Shut Down Due To Lack of Funding has been the source of considerable amount of controversy, as it stopped referring to BTC as Bitcoin, calling it Bitcoin Core instead. Bitcoin Cash, originally a fork of Bitcoin, is now called simply Bitcoin, at least on Needless to say, such a move triggered a wave of outrage along with accusations of willfully confusing the customers. The site’s CEO Roger Ver, however, still claims that Bitcoin cash is the “true bitcoin”.


User @MoneyTrigz decided to take action and file a lawsuit against the website, stating that manipulated the users and made the buy the wrong type of cryptocurrency. The case started attracted public attention; a website and telegram group were created. Despite failing to raise the sufficient amount of funds needed for the long legal battle, the public resonance made the case impossible to ignore.

Eventually, the site agreed to undo the most controversial changes made on the website. MoneyTrigz announced that all money raised for the lawsuit will be returned to the senders. In the interview, he stated that he is satisfied with what the lawsuit has achieved.

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