Bitcoin at $28,000 in a few months, Financial Analyst

People are worried about bitcoin – it has been falling for 2 months until reaching $7,500, which made many doubt its future. It doesn’t seem to bother Ronnie Moas; he’s convinced that soon the trend will reverse.


According to his prediction, bitcoin will reach $28.000 by mid-2018. Bearing in mind the current price, this estimation by Ronni might be a bit hard to believe. There are no major positive developments on the horizon, and Mid-2018 is just two and half months away. It’s hard to imagine what should happen for the price to jump that high.

But similar situation happened before. Every year we see the price tumble only to rise again. Will the current year repeat the trend? Ronnie is positive about that. In his blog, he speculated that technical analysts purposefully simulate sell-signs to “shake out those with weak hands”. Or, in other words, people being tricked into selling.

In his tweet, he expressed confidence that a lot of people will regret selling bitcoin. He, at the same time, is using the opportunity to buy as much as he can. Just in a few months, we will see how right he is.

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