Cubomania ICO Review

Proper education is a thing of infinite worth, bit few modern innovative educational projects are aimed at it young children (aged 4-10). Yet this the period of their life that is crucial for their development, as they strive to use any educational and development opportunity that they are presented with. It’s time to revolutionize children’s toys and children’s education, and Cubomania is a project which aims to do just that.
At its core Cubomania is a “blockchain game-based educational platform for children with its own own robotics operating system”. “Game-based” is a key word here, as the children have been shown to acquire knowledge of the world through games.  The projects claim it’s “integrated with the physical environment”, and this is indeed so. The most basic object compatible with the system is the already released Cubo IoT Toy. Let’s explore it in more details.


Cubo IoT Toy can be considered a kind of advanced Tamagotchi. The users create the characters on the the Ethereum blockchain, which later will be viewed from 5 sides by means of the screens on each side of the cube. There is a possibility to choose the different sets of psychological traits for different characters. As the character inside the cube will grow, the child will be able to explore and witness the changes in the creature’s behavior. The child also gets all the ownership rights, as each creature in the block is unique, just like KryptoKittens. To create more advanced creatures the system’s utility tokens will have to be spent, and the creatures that result from that can be used a “model” for creation  of even more advanced and complex characters with wider ranges of interaction.
The cube has got several scales. It has got scales of energy, happiness, and vigor, which teaches a child to take care of a character, and presumably take care of people around. If successful (for example, if a child takes care of the character so well that a character shows the highest level of happiness), a child gets a reward (for example, a possibility to change the character’s appearance, etc.)
The cube contains a multitude of sensors, which makes playing the game exciting and close to reality. When the cube is exposed to the cold, sun or water, the character changes its behavior in accordance with the circumstances. The character starts shivering or taking off the clothes, takes an umbrella. This way a child studies the influence of the outside world. Of course, the cubes will be also able to speak and react to baby’s actions.

CuboMania Ecosystem


But it dosn’t stop here. When you bring a couple of friend with their own cubes, the characters are able to visit each other and complete quests together. Some characters may get along, while other will often quarrel, depending on the pre-conditioned character traits of the toy. This creates an interesting simulation of a society, which can aid the child in understanding society and social dynamics.
The blockchain component of the system will ensure that the system will be decentralized and everybody will be able to create and share their educational programs, which are integrated into the thing all children like the most – toys.
The striking difference of the new educational approach is its emphasis on the customized educational content, which is chosen in accordance with the children’s interests and abilities in mind.
The project enjoys strong community support, as more than 6000 Telegram users joined the official channel of the platform, while their official Twitter account boasts 70000 followers. The Ukrainian-based development team is a bit obscure, but their strict adherence to the roadmap and the existence of Cubo IoT Toy proves that they are serious about this project. Currently, there are no competitors for Cubomania, so it may have all the chances of revolutionizing the smart-toy industry.

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