Telegram Prepares Identity Verification Storage

According to the Russian media, Telegram has been working on a new document verification service. The name of the project is “Telegram Passport”, and it will be used to store personal info and copies of IDs, banking statements, and utility bills to verify the identity of the users on Telegram’s blockchain platform TON.


The pilot tests are already being conducted. Upon completion, the service is supposed to become a part of the messenger’s Telegram Open Network. The users of the system will have the opportunity to pay for products and services on the TON blockchain platform with the system’s utility token called Gram.

The users will be required to submit their personal documents and photos. After that, the data will be available for sharing with other users. The project is expected to be launched this summer, but it already managed to draw a lot of attention, as it will function as an identification tool for crypto traders. This fact may in some way influence the upcoming financial regulations concerning crypto.

Some businesses have been granted a test access to the system, like Russian payments services provider Qiwi, which additionally reported helping Telegram establishing Telegram Passport. According to the specifications of the project, the Telegram team won’t have any access to the user’s data. The data itself will be secured with a password and two factor authentication. The users will have exclusive rights to their info, according to the Russian media.

According to Dmitry Ufaev, the introduction of Telegram passport will provide additional reputational bonus to the company, as it now competes with authorization services provided Google, Facebook, or Windows Live.

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