Facebook Hires Blockchain Expert Team

At the beginning of the week, Facebook announced some changes in its management staff, appointing new leaders to several projects.

The most interesting thing is that the media giant now employs a whole team of professionals working on blockchain technology, which is the basis of all cryptocurrency operations. Although the team is still a relatively small one, the new field of research is expected to bring a lot of benefits, that’s why the company is searching for the best specialists in the area. According to the former Facebook employee, the company is going for high-profile candidates with impressive resumes.
The company doesn’t state, however, the main motivation behind the blockchain implementation. They claim that they are only “setting up a small group to explore how to best leverage Blockchain across Facebook, starting from scratch.”
Having said that, it’s possible to speculate about the possible uses of blockchain in Facebook. Some experts state that it can be used to “improve the efficiency of its payments and existing infrastructure”. Other remain unconvinced, arguing that a new platform will be aimed specifically at developers and will function “as a tool for building apps and integrating the services of smart contracts”.

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