BL3P Exchange De-lists Bitcoin Cash

The biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the Netherlands has stated its intention to stop supporting Bitcoin Cash trade by May 15.

According to the official blog post, the company has already been considering halting the support for the coin, but the scheduled hardfork appeared to be the last drop.

“Since there already was a planning for the removal of Bitcash the hardfork has become a reason and strict deadline for the removal of Bitcash from BL3P”

Bitcoin Cash has provoked a very ambivalent reaction when it revealed its plans to implement a hardfork on May 15. The aim of the developers is to increase transaction capabilities of the network. In anticipation of the update, the price of the BCH has been rising, as the investors hope for an airdrop of coins on the new chain.

“BL3P maintains a strict selection policy when it comes to support for altcoins, bitcash, unfortunately, does not meet these requirements. For this reason, we have not made it possible to trade bitcash on BL3P. In addition, we will disable the option to withdraw bitcash per 15 May 2018.”

The news comes right after Hong Kong exchange OKEx’s announcement that Bitcoin Cash is no longer supported due to “inadequate liquidity.”

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