China Publishes Its Rating of Cryptocurrencies

China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID) department for the first time has released a ranked list of 28 cryptocurrencies. By publishing the report, the Chinese government aimed to “improve independent blockchain ratings.”


The projects were assessed according to three parameters: technology, application, and innovation. Ethereum came on the top, while Bitcoin landed surprisingly low, ranked 13. Some quite prominent coins, like Tron (TRX), didn’t even make it into the list.
The CCID was quite disappointed with the performance of Chinese blockchain companies, stating:

“Although China ranks first among global blockchain-related patent applications, it can be seen from the evaluation results of public-chain technology that China is still lagging behind in this area of technological innovation. Only NEO is among the top-ranked public-chain projects. Quantum chains are dominated by domestic technology teams.”

According to the official statement of CCID, the independent analysis was conducted by “a group of first-rate domestic experts”. However, some crypto community members expressed their doubt concerning the validity of the ranking, given the fact that Bitcoin is ranked as low Verge.


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