Steve Wozniak: Ethereum Can Become “Apple of Cryptocurrency”

Steve Wozniak, a tech legend and Apple co-founder, has expressed his views on cryptocurrencies in his recent interview. Wozniak confirmed that he holds both Bitcoin and Ether. He explained that after conducting a personal research into the topic, he decided that Ethereum has the most potential among all cryptocurrencies.

According to Wozniak, Ethereum is superior because it is a platform, not merely an instrument for payments. Such platform allows the users to create entire decentralized ecosystems, suitable for apps, tools, or other services. Wozniak even predicted that Ethereum may become as prominent and influential as Apple.
Steve Wozniak’s public approval of Ethereum is undoubtedly great news for Vitalik Buterin and his colleagues, whose project keeps getting more and more recognition. However, there are still some issues to deal with, like the upcoming switch to the proof-of-stake algorithm.

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