Bounty News

Bounty News

Here we’ll tell you about the most interesting Bounty campaigns where we recommend to take part in.


Uchit introduces a hub of communication and collaborative tools for both Individuals, Professionals and Business Entities which isn’t available with existing tools. Well firstly its based on blockchain technology, and the second thing is – it will contain all the tools at one place.

Uchit ICO campaign takes place since May,1 till May, 30.

The price of Uchit token (UCHT) is 0,16 USD.

Fundraising goal of the project is $50M.

Total allocated tokens for bounty is 21 370 500 UCHT (4,749 ETH)

Structure for bounty distribution

Signature Campaign (40%)

Blog/Media Campaign (15%)

Social Media Campaign (40%)

Telegram Campaign (5%)

Additional 100 000 UCHT (22.22 ETH) for Crass Club Bounty

Facebook Campaign 20%


One Repost = 2 stakes


1. You must like and follow our facebook page and Crass Infotech page

2. You must have at least 200 real friends to be approved

3. For more than 1000 friends you will receive 50% additional stakes

4. You are allowed to repost a maximum of 2 repost per day.

5. Minimum repost per week to receive stakes is 4. And maximum repost per week is 10

6. One account per person is allowed and all post/repost should be public to be rewarded

Twitter Campaign 20%


One Retweet = 2 stakes


1. You must follow our Twitter page , Crass Infotecth page and Siddhant

2. You must have at least 200 real followers to be approved

3. For more than 1000 followers you will receive 50% additional stakes

4. You are allowed to retweet a maximum of 2 retweet per day.

5. Minimum retweet per week to receive stakes is 4. And maximum retweet per week is 10

6. One account per person is allowed and retweeting old post is prohibited (If there are no new tweets, you can tweet about the project)



Stakes will base to its quality.

* High Quality = 15 stakes

* Good Quality = 10 stakes

* Normal Quality = 5 stakes


1. Blog should have atleast 200 words and topics should be relevant Uchit ICO to be approved .

2. The content of the blog should be unique/original to be approved .

3. Posting in wrong section, deleted post by mods and spamming is strictly prohibited and will not be accepted .

4. Each participant is allowed to create/submit a maximum of 10 unique publications.

5. Reposting a unique publications to another platform will earn you additional 50% stakes. (Only 1 repost is allowed).

6. Videos should be relevant and related to UCHIT ICO (Team, whitepaper, token sale, roadmap and etc.) to be approved

7. We have the right to not accept and disqualified your submission without prior reason.



2 stakes per week for active members and 1 stake per week for inactive members


1. You must join in telegram

2. You should remain in the telegram group until the end of the ICO to received your stakes

3. Spamming, advertising and using bad words in the group is strictly prohibited.[/url]



2 stakes per account


1) Register –

2) After successful registration, you can see a search field in the website.

3) Kindly use it to search CryptoNews, Uchit and CRASS_Infotech then kindly Join and Like the page.

2) Join CryptoNews –

3) Like Uchit Page –

4) Like CRASS Infotech Page –

5) You can also explore the Crass Club Forums –

6) And lastly submit your Crass club profile link in the spreadsheet.



* Hero/Legendary members: 5 Stakes/week

* Senior members: 4 Stakes/week

* Full members: 3 Stakes/week

* Member: 2 Stakes/week

* Jr. members: 1 Stakes/week

Additional 0.5 stakes if you will wear UCHIT avatar:


1. Newbies are not eligible to join

2. You should join using the form and wait to become approved before you can start the campaign.

3. Once approved, you should wear the Uchit signature and avatar. We will randomely check your signature and if found that you are not wearing it, you will not received your stakes for that week.

4. If you rank up, you must change your signature and notify us by posting in bounty thread or by Private Message.

5. Spamming, copy paste of post and low quality of post is strictly prohibited and will not be counted.

6. Post must be on topic and and constructive with a minimum of 60 characters per post.

7. Minimum post per week should be 10 to be eligible in receiving your weekly stakes.

8. Only post in (Alternate Cryptocurrencies and Trading and Discussions) will be counted. The same with local forums for non native english speakers.


Designed for mainstream adoption, the PayVX platform will be an all-in-one solution for crypto geared towards maximizing client value. We will deliver a rock-solid, user-focused framework that offers unparalleled mobility between blockchain-based digital assets and traditional markets.

The PayVX Ecosystem will include: 1 – a fast-intuitive exchange, 2 – a feature-rich trading platform offering unique digital asset investment opportunities, and 3 – a turnkey ICO Express solution.

PayVX ICO campaign takes place since May,1 till July, 4.

The price of PayVX token (PVX) is 0,04 USD.

Fundraising goal of the project is $25M.

A total of 4% from the Total Supply of PayVX tokens are reserved for Bounty Campaigns and Referral campaigns.

Total Bounty Pool will be divided As Follows:

5% – Reddit Campaign

10% – Facebook Campaign

10% – Twitter Campaign

5% – Telegram Campaign

15% – Videos/Creative Campaign (Videos and Artworks)

15% – Media Support Campaign (Articles, Reviews, Publications)

15% – Translation Campaign

15% – Exclusive Support

10% – Signature Campaign



20 upvotes: 5 stakes

50 upvotes: 10 stakes

100 upvotes: 20 stakes

300 upvotes: 50 stakes

500 upvotes: 100 stakes


1. For a post to be counted, it needs to be posted in one of the following subreddits, or cryptocurrency related subreddits: r/bitcoin, r/ethereum, r/ethtrader, r/icocrypto,

2. Posts and Comments with negative Karma will not be counted.

3. Any kind of spam will not be rewarded.

4. External posts should link to either PayVX subreddit posts, to PayVX website or here to the bitcointalk thread.



Tier 3 : Having 500+ friends: 5 stakes

Tier 2 : Having 2000+ friends: 10 stakes

Tier 1 : Having 5000+ friends: 25 stakes

Tier 0: Having 10.000+ friends: 50 stakes

Extra Tier : 25.000+ friends/followers : 100 stakes

Additional: Sharing of official posts and updates: 3 stakes. Max 15 shares / 45 stakes per week.


1. Your must have a minimum of 500 friends.

2. Your Facebook account must not be fake, inactive or a bot account. Only original Facebook accounts will be accepted.

3. You must be an active and regular Facebook user. Must like all PayVX official posts and updates.

4. Account must be open as a Public Profile and all shared posts about PayVX must be be public.

5. Multiple accounts are not allowed. You will be disqualified and blacklisted from any and all future campaigns once found.

6. Terms and Conditions are subject to change if necessary.



Tier 3 : Having 500+ followers : 10 Stakes

Tier 2 : Having 1500+ followers : 25 Stakes

Tier 1 : Having 5000+ followers: : 50 Stakes

Tier 0 : Having 15,000+ followers: 100 Stakes

Extra Tier : Having 25,000+ followers: 200 Stakes


1. Must be Jr. Member or higher ranked user in bitcointalk

2. Twitter audit must be equal to or better than 85%. Check it here.

3. Must make at least 7 tweets (with #PayVX hashtag) or retweets about PayVX per week. No spamming. Max 2 tweets and/or retweets per day.

4. Must retweet PayVX’s official tweets and updates regularly.



5% of total Bounty Pool.

How to Participate:

1. Join Telegram:

2. Submit your details using this form: Registration Form

Total bounty allocated will be divided to the number of participants.


1. Join Telegram:

2. Submit your details using this form: Registration Form

3.Bot accounts will not be be rewarded.

4. No duplicate accounts/addresses or wallets as well.



High Quality: 250 stakes

Good Quality: 100 stakes

Normal Quality: 50 stakes

Low Quality: 0 stakes

To Participate:


1. Low quality artwork and/or video will not be accepted.

2. Video must be your original. Should have original and unique content. Though, you may use official images, artworks and other content posted on the website.

3. Description should include:

– official website link – one PayVX bitcointalk thread link – your bitcointalk profile link

4. Video should be at least 1:30 Minutes long.

5. Max 2 videos per person/user.

6. Videos with at least 25k views will be rewarded with 250 stakes.


PayVX will reward experienced writers who write quality reviews, articles or publications that include information about the ICO crowdsale or Instructions about Investments in their Blogs, Websites, Forums and Sources.


High Quality: 250 stakes

Good Quality: 100 stakes

Normal Quality: 50 stakes

Low Quality: 0 stakes


1. Low quality articles and/or reviews will not be accepted.

2. Article must be original. Should have original and unique content. You may use official images, artworks and other content posted on the website

3. Content should be more than 500 characters with images and/or infographics. Should include the following:

– official website link – one PayVX bitcointalk thread link – link to whitepaper

4. One article submission per blog. Should you have more than one blog, article submitted should not be the same.

5. Link to your bitcointalk profile should be at the bottom.

6. Article with at least 20k unique visits will get additional 250 stakes. Should have unique visits counter at the bottom of the article.


Earn Tokens as a Reward for translating Announcement Thread of PayVX and by actively moderating the thread and keeping it active by posting regular updates, news and/or any important announcements in the local translated (main) thread.


ANN thread: 150 Stakes for translatiom

Whitepaper: 250 Stakes for translation

Moderation/Management: 5 Stakes per Valid Post of Moderator


Rewards:15% of Total Bounty Pool Will be Paid for the Exclusive Support Campaign Participants.

This portion of the bounty is awarded to affiliates and individuals with significant contribution to the PayVX project. It is under the company’s discretion which affiliates and individuals will be rewarded.

You can submit any kind of proposals you think are not included in any other Bounties that PayVX is running.



Jr. Member:5 Stakes/Week

Member:15 Stakes/Week

Full Member:30 Stakes/Week

Sr Member:50 Stakes/Week

Hero and Legendary:80 Stakes/Week

You will receive 5 Additional Stakes Every week for having personal text.


1. Only Jr Member and above are eligible.

2. The Signature should be kept until the end of the ICO and final tallying and audit. Removing the signature prior will result to disqualification.

3. During this period, you must make a minimum of 15 Posts per Week in order to be considered eligible.

4. Only Posts that are useful and constructive will be eligible towards the 15 Post goal. Posts that are off-topic, or simply made for the intention of raising post count will be disqualified.

5. A post must have a minimum length of 75 characters to be counted towards post goal.

PS Stakes or points = shares in total bounty pool which depends on your contribution and activity. Sо stakes/point rate is a dynamic value

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