Dr. Craig Wright: Bitcoin Cash will “Subsume” All Ather Cryptocurrencies

Dr. Craig Wright is nChain’s chief scientist and he is very confident about the future of Bitcoin Cash. According to him, the developers of the coin are preparing a lot of surprises:

 “You’re going to see every month—shortly, every week, and very soon after that, practically every day—one or two papers coming out from us.”


Dr. Wright already talked about “atomic swaps” at the previous event, but he abstained from giving any details until the project is near completion. He hinted, however, that the new technology can make exchanges obsolete and it will absolutely free of charge.

 “I can buy and sell Ethereum to Dash inside Bitcoin today. I can make exchanges obsolete,” Wright claimed at the last conference. “Right now, I can do a peer-to-peer exchange of Ethereum and Dash on Bitcoin Cash.”

“I don’t want your money. There’s my scam: I’m not going to take a cent from anyone,” he said. “I’m not going to stop you. I’m just going to basically out-compete you. We’re going to release—freely—a whole [lot of things] that make all that you’re doing there obsolete.”

At the last conference, however, he shared more info on the subject. The atomic swaps basically “enable inter-blockchain conversion between different cryptocurrencies to happen on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain”.

 “I don’t just mean swapping secrets. I mean we can embed key exchanges and you can pre-sell Ethereum, pre-exchange Dash, and using Bitcoin Cash, you can exchange them. One hundred percent safe, one hundred percent secure.”

Dr. Wright doesn’t seem to be bothered by competitors at all:

“Here is my answer to competing with all this: we’ve patented [technology] and we’re going to subsume them.”

He finished his presentation with a pretentious promise of making Ethereum and Bitcoin a Bitcoin Cash sidechain, which triggered laughter and applause from the journalists.

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