Smart Valor ICO Review

The Consensus Conference has just finished, but, unfortunately, failed to trigger any impressive market rallies it used to launch in the past. However, plenty of promising projects were presented. One of the most refreshing and community-oriented products was Smart Valor, a decentralized and tokenized alternative investments marketplace.


The VALOR Platform wants to stay true to the original principals of blockchain. The platform consists mostly of open source components, which will be developed and expanded by the community members. They will be able to place their apps on top of the basic platform. Let’s review the main components of the platform:

App marketplace: here the community members can build apps on top of Valor and then license or purchase them

ICO platform with tokenization engine: essentially an ICO-incubator where new projects are led through token sale process, while VALOR ensures the consistency of a smart contract

Task marketplace: here people with different skills can find a task to their liking. The system has your publicly verifiable reputation which is based on the reviews from the community.

Governance and voting engine: VALOR is run by its members by conducting polls and voting on principal matters.

Decentralized auctioning marketplace: Smart contract-driven auction marketplace that helps price discovery and supports liquidity in low volume traded assets, for both investors and asset issuers.

Licensed exchange: Trade asset and crypto tokens while following all regulations.


Basically, the platform represents assets through cryptographic tokens thus making possible fast and secure transfer of funds. The main difference from competitors is that the platform targets inaccessible and mostly illiquid assets. Moreover, safe-haven investments are now possible too. The developers claim that all legal difficulties have been settled and the project is awaiting the approval to become a fully licensed marketplace for alternative investments.


The project is in private pre-sale phase; however, no whitepaper has been released yet. According to the project leader Olga Feldmeier, the users will earn tokens for contributing to the community by coding, doing research, providing expertize such as making market prediction etc.

Smart Valor team consist of 13 people and have their main office in Zug, in the Thomson Reuters Incubator. The project founder and CEO is Olga Feldmeier, “a visionary entrepreneur on the intersection of banking and blockchain.” Oliver Feldmeier is COO – an expert in digital transformation, Founder and Managing Director of Verto Advisory (Switzerland) and Technology Advisor at Capgemini (Germany). Another prominent member of the team is Julien Bringer: Chief Security and Cryptography Expert. Holds over 50 patents and has authored over 80 publications on security and cryptography. Headed the cryptography and security research team for six years for IDEMIA. The team also features 6 very qualified advisers.

In conclusion, the project finally gives small investors a chance to dip into alternative investments industry, which earlier was available only for financial giants. Not it’s possible to trade small part of anything around the clock and do it instantly. Of course, the project relies heavily on the community, which can be a disadvantage if not enough people will get interested. On the other side, the trust of Thomson Reuters Incubator says a lot about the company. Moreover, the company is listed as one of Europe’s 10 Most Exciting Technology SMEs for 2018 by Forbes. The founder of the company, Olga Feldmeier, is a charismatic person who actively participates in all major crypto events. Although there are competitors in the same field, Smart Valor adopts the unique community-driven philosophy and concentrates on alternative investments, which make this project stand out from the rest.

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