Binance Adds ZenСash, the Coin Gains 20% in Value

Binance has just listed ZenCash (ZEN) as the exchange’s 127th coin. The newly added digital asset puts special emphasis on privacy. ZenCash (ZEN) was created as a fork of ZCash and possesses smaller market cap than its predecessor. ZenCash uses zero-knowledge proofs as a way to secure transactions, which is incompatible with ZCash blockchain.


Much like ZCash, ZenCash hides transactional amounts from public access, which is typical of privacy coins. Some experts point out that the ZenCash is a more advanced version of this privacy-centred technology, mainly because the developers are constantly busy developing the project.

After the news of listing broke out, the value of the privacy coin skyrocketed to $42, a staggering 20% gain, within minutes. The trading volumes rose from 3 million to 8 million.

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