Andreas Antonopoulos: “Bitcoin is the Future, Blockchain is an Empty Shell”

Andreas Antonopoulos, a prominent Bitcoin supporter, stated at the Polish Bitcoin Congress that the main advantages of Bitcoin are its “weirdness” and the ability to bypass all restrictions.


“…The reason Bitcoin is interesting is because it’s not controlled, because it can’t be censored, because it’s open, because a lot of the people involved are very, very weird. If you take all that out, what you’re left with – this Blockchain – is a sterile, unexpressive (sic), uninvented environment; a corporate plaything that has been sanitized of every interesting and left as an empty shell”.

Antonopoulos has repeatedly expressed such opinion, as he puts special emphasis on the revolutionary spirit of Bitcoin. Similar statements were made during Consensus conference, where Bitcoin developers Jimmy Song and Johnathan Corgan claimed that Blockchain becomes a victim of “cargo cult engineering”.

Antonopoulos commented on major banks’ interest in Ethereum, warning them of unstoppable nature of DApps:

“Right now, the big banks, governments – they’re in love with Ethereum. They love the fact that Ethereum has all of these capabilities that seem much, much less weird than Bitcoin. But they don’t realize that all of the weirdness is still there[…]. The whole point of Ethereum is to make unstoppable code, applications you cannot turn off – and the reason they can’t be turned off is because they’re decentralized apps – DApps. Why make a DApp unless you wanted to make a DApp that somebody wants to turn off and you want to continue working?”

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