EOS Holders to Receive Dozens of Airdrops

Finally, some good news for cryptocurrency holders, at least those, who possess some EOS cryptocurrency tokens. The developers are planning several airdrops in the next few weeks.


Airdrops are usually practiced by major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, whose users already benefited from getting free coins. Now it looks like EOS holders got lucky, too. The airdrops are aimed at raising awareness of the new projects on the platform and attracting new investors.

Rather than asking for money in a form of ICOs, EOS is giving away value. The holders use the tokens to create their projects, later issuing tokens to themselves as well. Then part of these tokens is sold on exchanges to get additional project funding. This kind of approach has proved to be very efficient.

The first 900 million token airdrop is expected in the coming weeks. Most projects issue 1 token per user in exchange for 1 EOS token. For big holders, it might mean a lot of free money, although these tokens still will have to gain some value on their own.

The fact that so many airdrops are planned for EOS holders proves that develops are interested in the platform and are actively building new services on top of this ecosystem. The most popular platforms for these purposes, however, remain Ethereum and, to some extent, NEO.

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